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Red Shadow Red Shadow - by Braulio Hernandez

Change the shiny red to a beautifull red matte with custom wrap...(read more)

Rim Rim - by RamRunner

Temp rim colouring ...(read more)

Galant ES MLU (Mid-Life Upgrade) Galant ES MLU (Mid-Life Upgrade) - by wilburfish

Time for a refresh, Fix some rust, scratches and a dent or two....(read more)

85 Wagoneer 85 Wagoneer - by Lishmael

Rebuilding my 1985 Jeep Grand Wagoneer. I will be replacing both front fenders, both rear quarter p...(read more)

touchup touchup - by tandmwheeler

touchup spray...(read more)

Front Bumper - Grill modifications & Paint Front Bumper - Grill modifications & Paint - by Craig Parr
Member of the 2015 PaintCrew

This project involves removing the front bumper, removing the 5MPH shock system, tucking and smoothi...(read more)

TransAm Racing Stipes TransAm Racing Stipes - by chevy513@gmail.com

Black racing stripes I painted on my friends white Pontiac TranAm using the duplicolor paint shop sy...(read more)

Side Marker and Lock Modifications Side Marker and Lock Modifications - by Craig Parr
Member of the 2015 PaintCrew

In this segment I removed the trim, side marker lights, and locks. ...(read more)

Customized and Painted rear bumper Customized and Painted rear bumper - by Craig Parr
Member of the 2015 PaintCrew

In this segment I customized and painted the rear bumper. Because I used a 1970 Camaro tail panel I ...(read more)

Beginning the paint job Beginning the paint job - by Craig Parr
Member of the 2015 PaintCrew

In this project we are laying down the complete paint job with Dupli-Color paint shop, starting with...(read more)

Rebecca Rebecca - by Cody Rieker
Member of the 2015 PaintCrew

It was the first truck i bought myself i'm currently restoring it to its former glory and getting it...(read more)

Sport/ utility Sport/ utility - by Myvan

Retrofitting a Base econoline van to custom sport/ utility vechiel ...(read more)

The Other Woman The Other Woman - by John Skordas

I am doing the bodywork on my truck to repair damage caused by careless car doors and kids on bikes,...(read more)

Customized Rear Tail Panel Customized Rear Tail Panel - by Craig Parr
Member of the 2015 PaintCrew

In this segment I changed the look of the back of the car by adding a 1970 Camaro tail panel and lig...(read more)

sun and moon sun and moon - by jamesd59

Found a old paint job and made it look new again with paint shop Prizm clear ...(read more)

71 Avanti 71 Avanti - by ron@crall.com

Purchased someones abandoned project. Car had been separated from frame and media blasted. Body an...(read more)

Finishing Touches Finishing Touches - by Mop

Roadrunner built bumper to bumper. Almost finished!...(read more)

CreepN CreepN - by CreepN

My Dream Truck...(read more)

Bike overhaul. Begining Bike overhaul. Begining - by paulcam

Overhauling my 1982 Honda Goldwing that was handed down to me from my dad...(read more)

Daily Driver Daily Driver - by Mop

Not a project, but always treated like a baby!...(read more)

Not Restored, but upgraded Not Restored, but upgraded - by ShaneHawk

This is a car that my Dad found in four garages, and pieced back together. He is "Tired of working o...(read more)

Restorethe12V Restorethe12V - by restorethe12v

Restoring my 1989 Dodge 12V Cummins on a budget. The build will be a paycheck to paycheck project. ...(read more)

Black chrome Black chrome - by Tjhooker

Chrome front end/rear bumper and step ups. Project is half way done. Rims are next....(read more)

chrome rear bumper chrome rear bumper - by crobbs32

I have paint matched everything on my truck but my rear bumper. Hoping to do this by myself and not ...(read more)

Trunk skin cancer repair Trunk skin cancer repair - by Dangonzz

Trunk lid has skin cancer. Need to clear it and repaint. ...(read more)

1984 Honda Motorcycle 1984 Honda Motorcycle - by Swissturn1617

My freshened up 1984 Honda Magna using Dupli-Colors 3 parts enamel paint system! ...(read more)

Rims Rims - by Gfrenock

I want to paint the rims, not spokes glossy gold....(read more)

1984-Chevy S-10 V8 1984-Chevy S-10 V8 - by mbcoin53@gmail.com

This is the 4th S-10 V-8 I have cleaned up and re-sold in the last 12 months. These little trucks ar...(read more)

Lasaber Lasaber - by jmwilliams0203@gmail.com

REpainting front bumper cover. ...(read more)

Summer Jeep Summer Jeep - by Sbosco0015

Budget family driver project...(read more)



John Deere Truck John Deere Truck - by P12345

Making on old Ford look like a John Deere parts truck...(read more)

2005. Chevy caviler 2005. Chevy caviler - by dustinmarcum1@yahoo.com

Paint whole car arveal blue paint code 815k...(read more)

Eve Eve - by slant6billy

A long term build over the years and in 2012 All the rot was removed and car was remetal-ed and shot...(read more)

Scout Scout - by binderbeast

Restoring a Scout....(read more)

family fun family fun - by liftit12@aol.com

Willys jeep sbc 350 dana 44 front and rear disk brakes all 4 corners 36" swampers corbeau seats jeep...(read more)

Slim Bobber Slim Bobber - by HD Slim

HD softail. black out motor, exhaust and front suspension...(read more)

Paint new wheels I got for my bug Paint new wheels I got for my bug - by kohalas@gmail.com

IO got new tires and wheels for my VW Bug but they are a bit beat up. I am going to use a filler and...(read more)

Camaro Resto: Camaro Resto: - by dsterling1009

restoring an 89 camaro to better than new...(read more)

honda honda - by bernietg

rust repair...(read more)

Slim Bobber Slim Bobber - by HD Slim

Project is done for now. Engine covers were blacked out using Duplicolor Engine Enamel and re-spraye...(read more)

Scratch repair Scratch repair - by BurnettB

Left rear door ...(read more)

Interior Restoration Using Duplicolor Interior Restoration Using Duplicolor - by nlwilson0707@gmail.com

My husband and I purchased a 1987 Mustang GT Convertible Foxbody that was very neglected. The inter...(read more)

paint paint - by marold@comcast.net

repaint for 2016 season...(read more)

Riot Riot - by Chewy riot

Just a love of creating something new....(read more)

My First H-D My First H-D - by todd.warne@yahoo.com

Disappointed with the Hot-Tires tire paint. It immediately turns yellow even after 3 coates of pain...(read more)

Daily driver renewal Daily driver renewal - by weld88

Working to improve over all look and durability of my daily truck. ...(read more)

50 50 - by bweis@annegrady.org

I am changing the bus from yellow to our blue and white company colors. I am about halfway done. We ...(read more)

Crew Cab Crew Cab - by Shelbystanging@yahoo.com

I bought this truck 8 years ago with the intentions to restoring it and making it a daily driver. Si...(read more)

A Unique Accent! A Unique Accent! - by Caseydelorenzo17@gmail.com

I plan on repainting my Jeep this summer and with expectations to do so, I wanted a different accent...(read more)

Ram Ram - by CarlRRay

Get Rid of Project...(read more)

my toy my toy - by rcch86@gmail.com

redoing the interior of my 78 grande lemans and my brothers 79 lemans safari wagon...(read more)



Big blue Big blue - by Dylan1323

It's a beast...(read more)

My whip My whip - by Andygumb

Repainting the car ...(read more)

PAINT FOR MY 1991S10 PAINT FOR MY 1991S10 - by louie


Hood restoration Hood restoration - by jeepers4fun

Hood was faded down to primer. Sanding down hood, top of fenders and windshield frame to prime and p...(read more)

Trick out my ride Trick out my ride - by Chinoleonard@gmail.com

My rust truck needs help it needs paint an a lot of love...(read more)

Mustang Mustang - by sean3339@comcast.net

Touch up scratches. ...(read more)

Converting the convertible Converting the convertible - by pkingrn@gmail.com

We transformed my 95 convertible from teal and white to teal and black to give it a more aggressive ...(read more)

Van paint jobs Van paint jobs - by joel.goyena@gmail.com

Some panels need small painting jobs...(read more)

Hood & Bumper Hood & Bumper - by csvideo

Hood and front bumper cover are primered and need paint & clearcoat....(read more)

blacl flake blacl flake - by pcluck

paint del sol black flake...(read more)

Lead Sled Lead Sled - by timshp56@gmail.com

Custom built fiberglass one off parts.Big motor .60 shot nos.almost done...(read more)

Bumpers Bumpers - by Gheen

Clear coat...(read more)

Why buy decals? Why buy decals? - by MASKED OFF

Looked better than any decals I could purchase for triple the price. Take that easy way! ...(read more)

How to protect your JK from your commute. How to protect your JK from your commute. - by MASKED OFF

Removed fenders, bumpers, carpet, and what ever else was in the way. Sanded, prepped, masked, and ap...(read more)

3rd Time's a Charm 3rd Time's a Charm - by grumpajoe

beginning stage of sanding down to prep to put back to original color ...(read more)

Lil chit Lil chit - by Gopherchucks

My wife's supercharged Mini Cooper s r53 ...(read more)

Paint match Paint match - by Bigjohnson2015

Color matching my headlights ...(read more)

Sports Car Sports Car - by turbo6go

Scratches & Ding repair...(read more)

Complete paint job Complete paint job - by Tofflemire

Painting camper shell and tailgait meanwhile fixing scratches ...(read more)

custom wrap borders custom wrap borders - by mactemo1

paint bumper and trims with carbon black custom wrap...(read more)

Sad Wheel Covers Sad Wheel Covers - by Cattracks31

Bought my mom's '99 Mazda Protege and the wheel covers were pitted, faded, scratched and all around ...(read more)

Truck Truck - by deliriousfly@gmail.com

Rock chips along the bottom of the body....(read more)

Motorcycle Touch Up Motorcycle Touch Up - by dpellini@rogers.com

I need to touch up a scratch on the wheel and the center panel on the gas tank has a chip on the cor...(read more)

tank and fender tank and fender - by bongo

getting ready to repaint the tank and rear-fender. ...(read more)

My Vic My Vic - by DurteeRMC

Just the addition of a new wheel and fender. At some point a complete color change. ...(read more)

Clearcoat replacement Clearcoat replacement - by Anduiril

The clearcoat is coming off so I'm painting my car. Starting off with the hood which has some paint ...(read more)

My Honda project bike My Honda project bike - by Cagefree

I bought this bike as a non running rusty mess and after refurbishing it mechanically went to pain...(read more)

CajunBoy CajunBoy - by Dannylawson1978

I', taking this stock "CountryBoy" 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer LS 4DR to the next level! I am going ...(read more)

bumper bumper - by brandonarms

paint bumper, replace lower valance, replace upper bumper. install grill guard. install LED offroad ...(read more)

work in progress work in progress - by aaronfountain03

Need to fix paint peeling. ...(read more)

fix fix - by admfrncs

fix dent...(read more)

Ballistic Ballistic - by Dieselrican

Vehicle based PTSD Awareness platform....(read more)

Color match Color match - by alec_crabtree

Want to color match my top valence on front bumper with the color of my truck...(read more)

S15 S15 - by Cammdizzle

Low rider project ...(read more)

Rumbler gasser Rumbler gasser - by Thom.high@me.com

I'm building a 68 Rambler American gasser Base color will be white but putting the red and blue wi...(read more)

Project Yj Project Yj - by StewieHinze

Complete rebuild ...(read more)

Ruby Ruby - by Dale

Inside door frames looks like someone used a grinder on window edge ...(read more)

2005 BMW 745LI 2005 BMW 745LI - by shawninohio

My 2005 BMW 745LI was purchased from New Hampshire on a Mass Clear Title. It was a Theft Recovery s...(read more)

Custom Painted Scooter Custom Painted Scooter - by DavidJazz

My 2007 Yamaha C3 came in silver. OK, but needed pizazz. I wanted a retro look with sparkle. Dupli-C...(read more)

My Subie My Subie - by J.carr79@yahoo.com

Rear trunk lip coming soon...(read more)

Custom front bumper Custom front bumper - by JoshYarnish

I build my own custom front bumper for my truck. I use duplicolor engine green paint on it. Seriousl...(read more)

Custom Bud Light Motorcycle Custom Bud Light Motorcycle - by JoshYarnish

Thank you Duplicolor for helping me reach my goal! June 23, 2016 was the 12th annual Wheels & Wings....(read more)

1964 sportster 1964 sportster - by fbmfatty@aim.com

just wanted to say thanks to duplicolor for making great paint !!!! here are my results with the (Du...(read more)

St. Louis Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals - by Bradywelker@outlook.com

New car still unsure what all to do ...(read more)

Preserve and protect  OEM custom color and ch Preserve and protect OEM custom color and ch - by ayers64

I would like to preservers the original Harley Davison custom paint while doing a poor hangs at the...(read more)

Side view mirror Side view mirror - by T7193rm

Paint new passenger side rr view mirror...(read more)

Think pink Think pink - by Bobird

We enter a 4th of July parade every year with our antique fire truck , friend and family. Usually we...(read more)

Think pink Think pink - by Bobird

We enter a 4th of July parade every year with our antique fire truck , friend and family. Usually we...(read more)

rust rust - by JoeJarvis

Need to touch up rust spots on my car. Need touch up bottle of paint Antique Pearl Sage #BTY1605...(read more)

Interior change Interior change - by Justin2500

I am changing my interior of my car from tan to black and white....(read more)

Fixer upper Fixer upper - by Manny123

So I started by rebuilding the engine and now I'm off to paint. Because I have a low-budget I have ...(read more)


I purchased this truck off the lot on Memorial Day in 2012 with only 12 miles on it Year/Make/Mod...(read more)

Rust cleaning Rust cleaning - by Malik12345

Getting rid of the rust ...(read more)

my g my g - by djblaq

Lookin for a new color for it...(read more)

Refreshed Eclipse Refreshed Eclipse - by JLS2

Interior and exterior refresh of a 1990's classic. ...(read more)

The Black Pearl The Black Pearl - by saytanikmekanik

stepside small block bottled lightning pissed off bastard...(read more)

2002 BMW 530i Front End Repair 2002 BMW 530i Front End Repair - by crane.edward@gmail.com

Crashed front end. Must repair. Will do M5 bumper cover upgrade, too....(read more)

Rat Bob Rat Bob - by skparker1989@gmail.com

First Bike, First Build. I am striving to make a bike with good ride-ability with out loosing that ...(read more)

Rx7 Rx7 - by Carter_chapman

1986 Mazda rx7 gxl 4 lug ...(read more)

Almost a Rat Almost a Rat - by sweeton.james@yahoo.com

This is a 1985 F150 I purchased as a basket case with only the cab and has not ran in years. I found...(read more)

Reviving the Interior Reviving the Interior - by frank_darrigo@hotmail.com

I used DupliColor to revive the interior of a 35 year old Datsun 280zx 2+2. Overtime, the original ...(read more)

Racing Stripes Repair Racing Stripes Repair - by LoneSeeker777

Fixing my car's racing stripes w/ Duplicolor's matte carbon black custom wrap. Front ones are tat...(read more)

Front Bumper Front Bumper - by Gmz95

I bought my car from another owner and had a large portion of chipped paint on the front bumper in t...(read more)

Truck Truck - by Roald

Started fixing a fender - turned into a complete front end resto/mod...(read more)

My Tahoe My Tahoe - by Jaynkat13

going to do some graphic designs...(read more)

Rusto-mod Rusto-mod - by scotty

looking to give this truck a rusto-mod look most of the paint will stay the way it is just satin fin...(read more)

New paint job New paint job - by EdgarrV25

Costume wrap my Jetta matte Carbon Black...(read more)

Taking my time Taking my time - by towermonkey@gmail.com

Bought this as a project truck about 18 months ago, got it mechanically sound, now I'm working on th...(read more)

Touch up Touch up - by nickatmu1

Touch up jeep...(read more)

Bumper cover Bumper cover - by Billytherouse

New bumper ordered a needs paint...(read more)

Rosie Rosie - by akrider88

This truck means the world to me I have put countless hours into her. I have done all of the body wo...(read more)

Amber Amber - by Rickyworley.rw

Collision repair...(read more)

Bmmbl- b Bmmbl- b - by howard-t@telus.net

Repairing and maintaining my SUV ...(read more)

Proud Mary Proud Mary - by dmenke

Re-conditioning and repairing an origina; 77 KZ650...(read more)

TARDIS TARDIS - by dmenke

Decorating my Ex like the spaceship from the BBC series "Dr. Who"...(read more)

Oxidation Oxidation - by qadeermiller

Removing oxidation from hood and roof. Help me with the steps from start to finish....(read more)

My Camaro My Camaro - by Garycravillion

Fix scratches and chips in paint...(read more)

custom custom - by Rmanateejoo

Bought car half done.Has been painted a chrysler color of mojo go...(read more)

Truck Truck - by Sean72

Make it Cool......(read more)

Upgrading Upgrading - by Dsand92

New car look again...(read more)

Jdm honda build Jdm honda build - by rashelsin@yahoo.com

Buuldng a civic coupe with my fiance....(read more)

Parade offroad mobile rover Parade offroad mobile rover - by Gybsub@aol.com

Old riding mower.Cleaned up and primered. ...(read more)

My truck My truck - by Gybsub@aol.com

Working on customizing the inside and engine compartment. ...(read more)

project project - by snackcakes3

1964 Chevelle ss...(read more)

bangin engine bay! bangin engine bay! - by SoFreshAutowerkz

Here's an engine bay I did for a customer with dupli colors retro red than hydrodipped with this awe...(read more)

Dirt bike restore Dirt bike restore - by gwstimmcgarry@gmail.com

Plastic restore on 2006 yz450f!!...(read more)

The Beast The Beast - by justincarle2

The Beast. 2004 Ford Crown Victoria Police Intercepter. 4.6L White. ...(read more)

Pulling tractor Pulling tractor - by Dpm6893

Pulling tractor new color...(read more)

Barricade Barricade - by Henretty67

Custom transformers edition 'Barricade'...(read more)


Repaint wheels and calipers...(read more)

Scratches Scratches - by Shakadula

4 scratches including 2 dents. Using all in one touch up. More to come...........(read more)

Turning a 4dr into a Police Car Replica Turning a 4dr into a Police Car Replica - by Craig Parr
Member of the 2015 PaintCrew

We are going to use Duplicolor custom wrap. This allows us to return the car to it's original style ...(read more)

Blue Streak Blue Streak - by ShaneHawk

OK, lots of scratch fixes...(read more)

POWMIA POWMIA - by cowboy37soul

A red, white, and blue color scheme (with blue as main color). Air brushed red razor wire along side...(read more)

Interior fixes Interior fixes - by wsburrell@gmail.com

paint carpet and vinyl scratches...(read more)

Grill and random things Grill and random things - by dcavanaugh1975@gmail.com

Fixing bad areas on hood and Sport model rubber....(read more)

Customizing Customizing - by diamonddon338@gmail.com

Having fun with Dupli-color products....(read more)

Deer Deer - by Cpatrick9898

I hit a deer and need to paint the new parts....(read more)

Infiniti Test Infiniti Test - by dxa521

This is a thing I am doing to test stuff...(read more)

Mom's Camry Right; Rear Bumper Scratches Mom's Camry Right; Rear Bumper Scratches - by DBauknecht

Mom back up into the front of my Durango's Passenger Side Front Door & dislodged the Silver Running ...(read more)

old skool to new skool old skool to new skool - by payupsucca6974@gmail.com

this was a one owner,a ol man bought it brand spanking new used it as a farm truck,he passed away an...(read more)

Love this stuff Love this stuff - by Alsteendr@yahoo.com

Started last year with the carbon black, did a recoat this year and added the stripes. Super fast an...(read more)

POS POS - by Asimoneaux


69 Camaro Restoration 69 Camaro Restoration - by Cash1960

Complete restoration of a 69 camaro....(read more)

XJ XJ - by rmflyer

Repaint 1998 Jeep XJ...(read more)

Rear Spoiler Rear Spoiler - by Hankmo

Paint and installed rear spoiler! QM1 paint code......(read more)

92 Elf DX 92 Elf DX - by Carlos Elizondo

Blue Metal Cast over chrome Bmx frame.. Adhesion Promoter , MetalCast and Crystal Clear..Everybody L...(read more)

Elf DX Elf DX - by Carlos Elizondo

Awesome METALCAST ...(read more)

Bed Restore Bed Restore - by zjunk60

The Dakota, Tigger, is an ongoing project to make a fun daily driver / casual car show truck. With t...(read more)

Lil Red F-100 Lil Red F-100 - by jwm1941@yahoo.com

Restored this truck in the early 1980. As I have gotten older I want more comfort, ride quality & fu...(read more)

From white to desert sand. From white to desert sand. - by Toecutter

I painted my LJ with Desert Sand peel able paint and it came out looking pretty good....(read more)

CB9 CB9 - by sohospeedshop

Fun little car that has a great interior but the body was a little rough...lets see what Duplicolor ...(read more)

Body Modifications Body Modifications - by ShortStaq69

Turning from plain design to a more aggressive look....(read more)

Truck hood Truck hood - by Mikeb239

Painting the hood and roof of my truck ...(read more)

Replacing Austin's bumper Replacing Austin's bumper - by kmullen1175

Austin's bumper was damaged by a mail box. I am painting and installing a new bumper on his car....(read more)

Sally Sally - by transamman

Trans Am resto...(read more)

Fender flares Fender flares - by Rsbrewer2

Paint match my fender flares and fix some scratches ...(read more)

Fixing chipped paint above windshield Fixing chipped paint above windshield - by Jjordan1978

Whenever someone changed the windshield out they scratched the paint right above it. So I'm going t...(read more)

Ram Ram - by shaunbaker30

Scratches on the back passenger side of the cab. ...(read more)

Zx636r track / stunt bike Zx636r track / stunt bike - by Kev148

I picked up this bike a couple of years ago the previous owner had replaced the fairings but from o...(read more)

Restoring Restoring - by jasionoj54

Restoring a 2000 Buick Century again...(read more)

Paint repair Paint repair - by melsr50

Repair front bumper and left rear fender....(read more)

87 IROC-Z 87 IROC-Z - by mpd1911

This is my first refurb/restore since the 80s. I'm doing all that I can in this project, and have fo...(read more)

Rust Bucket Rust Bucket - by VidalGD

1984 Dodge Shelby Charger, been working on it for about 2 years, engine and trans have 26000 miles o...(read more)

painting painting - by benrr@cox.net

painting bumper...(read more)

Bumper Repair Bumper Repair - by henri915

Fix the hole in the bumper...(read more)

Rust Spot Repair Rust Spot Repair - by hhippe

Rust Spot on End Gate...(read more)

My First Project My First Project - by keybea@hotmail.com

I need to paint this car!...(read more)

Paint Job Paint Job - by keybea@hotmail.com

I want to paint the car a different color ...(read more)

YF i45 2.0T YF i45 2.0T - by ThetaIIT

The plan is vinyl wrapping different interior trim pieces, and hitting the wheels with a Dupli Color...(read more)

Paint Repair of Shipping Damage Paint Repair of Shipping Damage - by dsd@pinehurst.net

Project to repair paint damage that came from shipping bikes across country. Color Rite YBA Pearl ...(read more)

My truck My truck - by spikeyridgley@hotmail.com

Clean up paint and upgrade the audio system ...(read more)

Lightning Clone Lightning Clone - by Akac907fighter

Putting on 20" lightning rims and using duplicator black chrome paint kit on the rims. Lightning smo...(read more)

Cowboy Cadillac Cowboy Cadillac - by ole0822@gmail.com

Just my old 7.3 Powerstroke farm truck. Has almost 300,000 miles on it and still going strong. ...(read more)


I own a '94 GMC K1500 Suburban. It is missing the RPO sticker inside the glove box. I would like t...(read more)

My Truck My Truck - by Inergmusic

Want to get this truck looking nice......(read more)

DareDevil DareDevil - by Fm19993

I bought this 1979 for a parts truck for my 1976 K20 however when I brought it home I discovered I w...(read more)

Truck Truck - by Marlee01

Frame off . Air ride, AC, Automatic OD, 350, new sheetmetal; complete bed front fenders. ...(read more)

40th Anniversary Edition Mustang 40th Anniversary Edition Mustang - by FrostFire70

Fixing scratches and large dent in a friends Mustang....(read more)

SHO Porsche SHO Porsche - by Lawsonstar

400 hp V6 SHO Porsche 914...(read more)

Daisystein Daisystein - by kshuman

Wow but I love her...(read more)

Restoration Restoration - by newbie

A fresh new look!...(read more)

Baby Scratch repairs Baby Scratch repairs - by danthetgr

Minor paint chips and scratches hat need repairing throught the car. ...(read more)

repair / replace repair / replace - by Paul Leddy

1. Wrap pipes 2. Replace brake light 3. New turn signals 4. Clean wheels 5. Paint calipers...(read more)

Scratch repair Scratch repair - by Moorgoon

Very light scratch on drivers door - parking lot shopping cart ??...(read more)

Highlander Highlander - by Markyzb

fix the scrath...(read more)

Custom restore Custom restore - by Kent russell

Complete tear down and restoration. ...(read more)

1975 Road Runner 1975 Road Runner - by dano73

My 1975 Plymouth Road Runner I found in a field in Tennessee. I painted it with Duplicolor paint sho...(read more)

Cafe racer Cafe racer - by Cafeyamaha

Turned my Xs to a cafe racer used your paint with excellent results ...(read more)

Cop car fix Cop car fix - by o9vic@hotmail.com

Fender rust holes in roof deep scratches ...(read more)

veneral maintenance veneral maintenance - by Paul Leddy

Undercoating; paint calipers; as needed....(read more)

Pretty with pink Pretty with pink - by Krissty8313

Decided to add a little colour to my baby...(read more)

Winter wheel refresh Winter wheel refresh - by Shamlab

I didn't like how drab my wheels looked with my new winter tires and gave them a new look with Dupli...(read more)

Winter wheel refresh Winter wheel refresh - by Shamlab

My aluminum wheels needed a fresh look after a number of MN winters. Dupli-Color custom wrap did th...(read more)

My Vision My Vision - by X-Wav

An incredible vision...(read more)

My tahoe My tahoe - by Jaynkat13

Put some graphics on it. ...(read more)

Dark Knight Dark Knight - by raptarooster@gmail.com

Eclipse non turbo has some problems but she is my baby...(read more)

Color Match Bumper/Mirrors Color Match Bumper/Mirrors - by acia32

I want to color match my bumper and mirrors to the factory paint on the rest of the truck. ...(read more)

Cafe Racer Cafe Racer - by briancantrell8@gmail.com

Kawasaki KE100 cafe racer....(read more)

Wheel Paint Wheel Paint - by Dhough114@gmail.com

First attempt at painting my ZR1 rims. Used 1689 primer and went down great. Then sprayed 2104 whee...(read more)

Body side moldings Body side moldings - by mrmusica54@gmail.com

Looking forward to painting the side moldings to match the rest of the vehicle....(read more)